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The Writer's Resource Guide

A dynamic list of industry services for writers?

Welcome to the Writer’s Resource Guide!

You’ve finished writing your manuscript. What a great feeling! Don’t let your hard work be dimmed by not utilizing the proper services to make your book the best it can be.

This newest addition to my website will offer a list of publishing industry services to assist you on every step of your self-publishing journey.

Editors, proofreaders, graphic designers for your book cover, layout designers, independent publishing companies, audio book companies, and more!

You will be able to find it here! Have a great resource? Email me!

Preparing to Self Publish

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Audio Books

Abantu Audio
An audio production company focusing on bringing “stories of the oppressed and subjugated to the forefront of social discussion.”

Book Editing & Formatting Services

Tanisha Stewart
Author and coach offering editing, book formatting, book review and other services.

Victoria Wilder
Customized editing solutions.

Joseph Editorial Services
Professional editing at affordable prices.

Align Editorial
Professional editing and proofreading services.

Full Service Agencies

TWA Solutions & Services
A full-service agency offering “solutions in the areas of graphic design, book design and publishing, typesetting/publication design, editing and writing, print design/packaging/branding, and web design.”

Naleighna Kai

Full service agency offering a wide array of book publishing services.


Bennie Buatsie

Independent Publishing

Hardy Publications
Offering self-publishing services for aspiring authors.

Written in Melanin
An independent publishing company specializing in publishing and promoting the works of black authors.


Strawberry Lit Magazine

Magazine that features new and up and coming authors. Also spotlights authors in blog posts. Visit website for details on how to have your book featured.

Web Design

Tez Smith
A multi-talented software engineer with a focus on frontend web development.