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Category: Short Stories

This Land is My Land

John and Abby are newly freed and now live on the land that their family has worked for generations. The Emancipation Proclamation isn’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be. Will John and Abby fight for what is rightfully theirs? One thing’s for sure: freedom isn’t free.

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Full Disclosure

Gene, Fred, and Aurora have been charged with the task of revealing a secret only high level officials at NASA and the White House have known about. Will they really tell it all? Or will they modify the truth to prevent a societal collapse?

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One for the Money

Ollie and Myrlie have gotten themselves into one hell of a jam after Ollie acquired a rare book from an estate sale. Someone else wants that book and is willing to kill them both to get it. Can they get this rare book to the Library of Congress before they are both killed?

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