Four Books To Read If You’re Serious About Writing

Are you tired of wasting time reading books about writing that don’t deliver on their promise to help you improve your skills? Me, too. In fact, I’ve read at least fifty books on the craft of writing.  Some stunk. Some were mediocre.  And some were game changers. I’ll share the ones that fell into the […]

Looking for Places to Submit Your Writing? Try Submittable.

Writers are always looking for new creative opportunities. Finding places to submit your work is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be any more. What if I told you there is one website with thousands of opportunities to submit your creative work. It’s true.  Whether you write poems, short stories, books, screenplays, or music (yes, […]

One Skill Every Writer Should Have

Something unexpected happened to me when I joined an online writing challenge last year. The rules of the challenge were simple: you’re given a writing prompt, a word count, and one month to come up with a story. Simple enough. On the due date, you submit your story and then you have to give feedback […]